ABACUS for Schools

Background about ABACUS

Abacus is an ancient counting device, which is very helpful in doing complex calculations very easily. It helps us to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and that too in fraction of seconds. Addition, Subtraction can be easily performed by moving the beads on the wires of the Abacus.

About the Abacus tool

The Abacus tool consists of a wooden frame which has got beads and rods. There are 13 wooden poles, which hold the beads. There are two layers in the tool. On the top layer, there is one rounded bead and on the bottom, there are 4 beads. Each rod has its different place value, eg., 1’s, 10’s, 100’s… so on. Each bead represents a number usually 1 to 5 and can be moved on the rods.

Why Abacus

Our human brain has two parts – called the left and the right brain. The left brain handles logical work, while the right brains handles creative function. Abacus helps a student to count large numbers using both parts of the brain. Thus it helps a child to grow being intelligent to genius.

How does it work?

Abacus trains students to use the left part (logical side) of the brain to manipulate the virtual calculations, on the right part (abstract side) of the brain. This exercise strengthens the brain functions in the following areas:

1. Makes calculations easy and quick

2. Sharpens the mind of the child

3. Helps the child in school work

4. Enhances thinking ability to easily calculate complex maths

5. Improves mental calculations

6. Removes the fear of math from students

7. Improves focus and visualizing power

8. Child converts numbers to images in the right part of the brain that leads to improved memory increased concentration and faster recall

9. Greatly enhances creativity

10. Improves problem-solving capability

11. Improves concentration and mental endurance

Abacus is a perfect tool for the mind. No wonder, millions of children around the world are learning Abacus. Abacus a proved track record in the past and the latest scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of Abacus training. Calculating on Abacus is child-friendly and it enhances multiple intelligence approach that has proven benefits to develop human brainpower.

How can we help?

Aarcons, can be your partner to impart Abacus training to not only your students but also to your teachers. We can start by assessing the need of the students and then suggest a training plan accordingly. We also provide an Abacus training kit.

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