Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System

Today every organisation is looking at maintaining discipline in terms of working hour of the staff. Every organisation is looking at an attendance system, which is foolproof.

Biometric attendance system is one such system. In today’s time, it has become the need of the hour. All universities are looking at biometric attendance both for students and staff.

The system can be used to capture the attendance, without having to appoint a person to note down the entry and exit timings. And since, it is a system; there are no chances of having any unpleasant situations with people concerned.

The biometric attendance software can be used in a simple manner. We first capture unique characteristics like, fingerprints, iris scanner etc. This can be done for complete staff and even students. This data is then fed into the system. Whenever a person enters or exits the building, he/she has to make a biometric entry into the system. Without making this biometric entry, access will not be granted to use that door or passage. This way we can track their entry and exit timings.

Why use Biometric Attendance System?

Apart from creating a safe environment, it also comes with some added benefits, like:

  • It is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Can be integrated seamlessly to existing payroll system, thereby making payroll process easy and transparent.
  • Can be integrated easily with School Management system
  • Makes it easier to keep a record of leaves taken and extra hours put in.
  • Reduces the need for paper based attendance system.
  • Makes it easier to track employee movements
  • Saves time and effort in collating attendance data and thus saves money.
  • The system allows for manual adjustments (If required, and that too by few authorized personnel only)
  • Cannot be breached or misused like manual attendance system or password based attendance system.
  • Can be used to generate various reports based on variety of criteria

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