Digital Security System for Campus

Importance of Campus Security

If you have a look at Newspapers and TV news, there are many incidents, where some crime or unwanted activity has taken place. Hence, the onus is on the schools and colleges to make their campuses safe for children and staff.

The premises of educational institutions are public places, which has many visitors daily. Not only that, sometimes school has several entry points, so it is difficult to track unwanted visitors. The problem is compounded when there are other buildings in the vicinity of the campus. In all such cases, campus security becomes a major problem. Having security guards are not enough, as they also have their limitations and they can not be present 24*7 at every location with same intensity.

In such cases, technology can be used to overcome these challenges and enhance campus security. Looking at the design of the building, we may use a combination of security measures and access control methods. Some of the popular devices are:

1. Video Surveillance: This system involves linking of one or more digital CCTV cameras on a network to capture images and video footage. Through these CCTV cameras, we can cover every inch of public space within the campus.

2. Biometric Security devices: These devices can capture unique characteristics of a person like, fingerprints, iris scanner, voice pattern. This makes the whole campus more secure, as it is extremely difficult to break into these kinds of security devices.

3. Security Alarm System/ Burglar Alarm System: This kind of alarm system is very useful for an educational institution as it is used to detect unauthorized entry with the help of a motion sensor, into a specific part of the building or area.

How can we help you?

To start with, we do a complete recce of the school campus to see the entry and exit points. We also see the campus to identify vulnerable points like area outside toilets, backyard, parking lots etc. We also understand the normal movement of the visitors. On this basis, we come up with a complete campus security plan.

Some glimpses of our Security System

  • With the help of our digital security system, we can identify and manage frequent visitors and track them.
  • The students or staff members may be restricted to access a certain area.
  • Visitors may be asked to go through proper verification before they enter the campus. And their entry may be limited to a particular area in the building.
  • Having round-the-clock vigil on all such vulnerable points

With our rich experience in this area, we come up with a security system, which is just right for your campus, and which completely suits your needs and requirements.

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