Fire and Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate

As per the norms set up by Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India and National School Safety Guideline, 2017, it is mandatory for all schools to abide by the fire and safety norms in the building. Now, every affiliating body has made it essential for the school to obtain a Fire Safety NOC, before starting a new institute.

A fire safety policy is an essential component of a building during its usage. The government has endorsed certain building codes for different kinds of fires. Fire safety means creating an infrastructure, which will reduce the danger of fire in an unfortunate case of fire, control the spread of the fire. Fire safety includes utilizing construction material which is fire-resistant, adopting safe work practices, use of fireproof protective clothing and proper training for fire safety. It also includes electrical codes to prevent electrical hazards and to protect fire from electrical faults.

Fire safety includes local building codes, clearly marking the exit gates, stair cases and installing fire extinguishers at prominent and easily accessible locations, creating fire exits in case of emergency and always keeping the passage clear. Fire safety is assessed on the basis of design of the building, presence of inflammable and risky material, need for fire alarm system, availability of fire extinguishers and hydrants and taking the fire safety training and fire drills in co-ordination with the local fire department.

How can we help?

We at Aarcons, will help you in the complete process of obtaining the Fire Safety Certificate. We work with you in application process, arranging the required documents and liasoning with the concerned authorities to get the certificate.

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