GPS Tracking System for Vehicles

GPS Tracking and CCTV in a School Bus

Today, the safety of the kids is paramount for the parents and the school authorities. When a parent sends their piece of heart to school, they are naturally worried about their safety. This is because that is the only place where they cannot keep an eye on their kids. Once the kids are in the School, the responsibility comes on to the School authorities.

The Global Positioining System (commonly called GPS) is a technology, which helps us know our exact location on the globe. When installed in a school bus, it enhances the safety of the bus and the students, as it provides real-time info to the parents and school administration.

From the school point of view, its easy to ensure their safety inside the school campus, with dedicated staff members and security cameras. But the only weak link in this chain is the school bus. This is the only vulnerable place where a school does not have a direct control and a mishap can happen. That's where the GPS tracking system and CCTV plays an essential role by monitoring the school bus moving from home to school.

How can we help?

Once the school bus leaves from one point to another, using GPS tracker, we can know the exact position of the bus. It gives minute to minute information about the bus, like its location or to know whether it is moving or stationary. Not only this, we can track the behaviour of the driver, conductor and fellow students. It helps in monitoring the bus as well as driver's behavior. Rash driving, applying brakes suddenly, over speeding etc. can be tracked.

GPS also plays a significant role in Emergency. In any such condition, it automatically notifies the authorities with accurate vehicle location. GPS devices can also help in finding out the best routes which can lead to saving time. Well planned routes lead to fuel-saving, which reduces the cost for management. It also helps enhance driver safety, which is very important after all they are humans and humans may commit mistakes. By tracking these management can reduce the chances of accidents as well.

Similarly, installing the CCTV cameras inside the bus helps in remote surveillance. This helps in keeping a watch on activities inside the bus to avoid any kind of clashes among students and maintaining a healthy relation between the students and the bus staff.

The Benefits

GPS trackers and CCTV cameras are simple to install and easy to use. They record everything and intimate administrators each time the engine is started. This can help to prevent unauthorized use of school vehicles. Thus the GPS not only enhances the safety of the vehicles, but also results in long term cost saving for the school by minimizing misuses and wastages.

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