Laboratory Set-up & Lab Equipment

Laboratory Set-up & Lab Equipment

As they say, no learning is complete, if it’s only theoretical. To make the learning complete, we need to do practical. And the place, where we can try and learn, is the school laboratory (quite lovingly called lab). Lab is the only place, where we can learn by doing it ourselves.

Every school or college needs various labs like Computer Labs and Science Labs for various subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These days, most modern schools have other Labs like Language Labs, Humanities Lab, Robotics Lab, Montessory Lab, Technical Lab, Pharmacy & Nursing Labs etc.

Having a proper lab with all necessary equipments is not only mandatory from CBSE but also does lot of good for the students and the school.

How can we help?

We at Aarcons, help institutes, like yours, in doing the lab set-up from scratch. Your building may be ready or under construction, we help you in renovating the existing structure or designing under construction structure. We also help you set-up the lab infrastructure like storage space, working space, safety equipments among others. We also help you source the best quality lab equipments, lab furniture, and other things like refrigerator, incubator, burner set-up etc. at competitive prices. In short, we serve all your laboratory item requirements.

How we do value addition

We not only help you source the required material, but we go a step beyond. Our team of experts guide you how to maintain the stock of various material, ideal stock quantity for each grade of material, how to do stock audit etc. And this all can be customized, looking at the size of your laboratory.

And before you do get the final inspection done, our team can do a pre-inspection visit and point out any shortcomings, so that those can be removed before the final inspection. We could also do an annual inspection of your laboratories and suggest ways and means to upgrade them.

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