Library Setup


Any school/college, is as good as its teachers. And after teachers, the next most important parameter for a school is its library. After the classrooms, the next place where the students learn a lot is the library. Hence, it is very important to have a library which has a good collection of books related to course material, reference material and also books on personality development and life enhancement skills.

Setting up a library is a great challenge. Selecting the right books that would add value to the students is a difficult task. That is why, it is very important to work with a partner, who can guide you at every step. Setup of books according to norms & regulation of governing body in colleges. Also helps in inspection.

How to select books for your library?

Before setting up a library, it is important to decide the range and type of stock you want to have. Typically, these books may be divided into following categories:

1. Information Books: This is the heart of any library. Most of the books in the library, are related to this category. This includes various books related to course material.

2. Reference Books: As the name suggests, these books are used for gaining additional knowledge on any topic or subject. These books may be used by both students and teachers to clarify any doubts and update the knowledge. These books are often expensive and mostly written by foreign authors. This includes Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia among others.

3. Fiction Books: This is the extended part of library. These books are not related to course but are for reading for their fun value and improving the vocabulary and communication skills of students. Most novels and story books come under this category.

4. College Books: According to Syllabus

All these books are available in different shapes and sizes viz. hard cover books, paperback, pamphlets, audio books, video books, CDs among others.

How can we help?

Once you tie-up with us we help you in every aspect of setting up a library. This includes choosing the best room for setting up the library, sourcing book shelves and other furniture, and most important short-listing and selecting books for the library. We also help you in making a catalogue, classifying books and designing a library management system.

We help you in selecting the books, newspaper, magazines and various journals which will add value to your library.

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