Online Exam Centre Recognition

Online Exam Centre Recognition

Gone are the days, when exams were conducted with pen and paper. These days most of the competitive and promotion exams are being conducted online.

This is because online exams offer many benefits vis-à-vis pen and paper examination. It is easy to conduct for large numbers with lesser invigilators. It saves time in checking the papers and preparing the result. Also, it saves paper, which is an eco-friendly move as well.

So, looking at all these benefits, it makes a good business sense to start an online exam centre. If you have a space ready with you, we can help you with the rest.

How can we help?

So, if you are looking at starting an online exam centre, with a minimum of 150 computers, we can help you from the scratch. From preparing your hall, to sourcing the computers, to doing the networking, we provide start-to-end solutions.

Once the exam facility is ready, we also assist you in getting the business in your city. Our marketing team is always in touch with various exam conducting bodies to get business for you.

And once, you get the business, our team helps you in installing the softwares in your computers.

And while the exams are going on, we appoint a network engineer at your premises who handles any technical issues related to hardware, software and networking for computers.

We also provide training to your staff about how to conduct the exams. This involves all the steps from how to screen the candidates at the gate (first screening) and how to register them inside the building (second screening).

Then, once the candidate is allocated a room, we train the invigilators to do the verification before entering the exam hall. The same process has to be repeated once the candidate is leaving the hall, after completing the exam.

Since, this process involves biometric verification; we train the invigilators in the entire process and also do some mock testing with them.

Finally, we train the Exam Superintendent about preparing the exam report, collecting duty details of the invigilators etc. and final packaging of admit cards.

Services provided by us

1. Preparing the Exam Hall : Right from doing the electrical fittings to preparing the furniture for sitting to doing the networking in the hall, we undertake complete project.

2. Solving Networking Issues : In case of any challenge with internet in your location, we can help you conduct the exams by creating a LAN server. The exam server is also connected through this LAN. Once the exam is over, the entire data is uploaded onto the main server through internet based cloud system.

3. Exam Centre Coordinator : We depute a person at your location, who ensures that examination is being conducted in a fair and professional manner. He also ensures, that there are no technical glitches during the exam.

4. Exam Centre Incharge : This is the person, who ensures that all the infrastructure including the computers, LAN, video cameras etc. are in proper working condition. He is the one point of contact for you for this exam. This person is also provided by us.

5. Video Recording of Exams : To ensure complete transparency and ensure fair exams, most bodies ask for a video recording of exam. We help you install CCTV cameras in each hall. After the exam is over, this recording can be provided for audit purposes.

6. Candidate Verification and Attendance Data : We have the facility to verify the genuineness of each and every candidate with the help of Hall Ticket and Govt. issue identity card, mostly Aadhar Card. In addition, we also do verification through biometric means using thumb Impression and/or Iris scanner.

Since, most exam conducting bodies look at centres, where they can conduct exam in bulk, we work for requirement above 150 computers.

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