School Bus - Buy & Sell


In any School, taking the students to and from school is a big challenge. And the biggest cost element in that process is buying the school buses. And since, this is a capital expenditure; it is a fixed cost which takes quite some time to recover.

How can we help?

Since, a new bus is very expensive, it makes good business sense to buy school bus, which has been used for few years. Such a bus is available at a cost lesser than a new one. We at AARCONS deal in sale and purchase of such used school bus.

Buying a Bus:

We buy buses which are old not more than 5 years and are in good running condition. Once we get the bus, we do complete check-up of the condition of the bus, so that you get the right price for your bus.

Selling a Bus:

Once we buy a bus, we do a complete check-up of the bus. We follow a 50 point check of each bus, so that you get a bus which you can start using from day one and one which does not give you any trouble during running. We also help you in the process of RC transfer.

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