Staff Recruitment (Permanent)

Staff Recruitment (Permanent)

In order to run any organisation successfully, it’s very crucial to have a core team, which works for the organisation with complete dedication. Today the most important resource for any organisation, is the human resource.

But, that’s where the catch is. Today, the biggest challenge facing any organisation is getting a good team of core employees, who work on permanent basis. It is very important to have the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. The challenge is have a team which not only fits work profile but also the organisation culture. A good team can take your organisation to great heights and same is true other way around.

The other issue, which compounds this problem further, is the number of candidates available for a single vacancy. And there is no guarantee, whether all of these fit the job profile. So, your HR team has to spend lot of time, energy and off course money to filter out these prospects for interview. The risk become more for senior positions.

How can we help?

At Aarcons, we have a team of HR experts with a proven track record in their area of expertise. We work as an extended arm of your HR team. Our experts sit with your team to assess and qualify candidates for your requirements. Once we understand your requirement, we help you draft a detailed Job Description (JD), which helps everyone understand the exact requirement and thus providing the best staffing solution as per your requirement.

Then, we download all the responsibilities from you to find the right candidate for the required position. Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) includes searching for potential candidates, reviewing their resumes, identifying quality candidates, doing first round of screening, and then sharing the list with you. So, you get is a filtered list of candidates, which fit your job profile and organisation culture. Once you shortlist this further, we arrange for the interviews. This step-by-step process ensures very high success rate.

We have candidate profiles ranging from a B.Ed to PhD level. That’s why, we can provide you with dedicated staff from an entry level position to senior level position. You name a requirement, and we have a profile, which perfectly fits your requirement.

How does it beneft you?

Once your HR team is relieved off this mundane work, they can focus their energy on selecting the best out of already filtered list. This not only saves their time, but also results in saving on unnecessary correspondence and hence saving lot of money.

This is how, we work with all our clients to develop an organisation of talented people, so that our clients grow. And we work behind the curtains, to ensure that they always get a team of talented people on time, every time.

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