Staff Recruitment

Today across the world, all organisations are facing two big challenges, when it comes to recruiting staff to run their organisations. The first getting quality workforce and the second is the dynamic nature of the business and business environment. While the issue of getting quality workforce can be tackled by a process of proper screening of candidates, it’s the dynamic nature of business environment, which needs specific attention.

Today, the world is moving at a pace like never before. And, the requirements of organisations are changing very fast. It’s getting increasing difficult to predict the future. The government regulations regarding hiring and firing of employees are becoming strict. In such a complex scenario, where things are not certain and firing employees is not easy, organisations cannot afford to hire permanent staff, which may, in this fast changing situation, may prove to be a burden on them. Today, organisations are looking for workforce, which adds value to their work and which can be hired and fired easily and without any complications.

The solution is having a workforce, which is not on your company rolls, but works for you. Technically, called Outsourcing, in simple words, it is called Temporary or Contractual Staff.

Benefits of Temporary Staff:

1. Reduction of cost of hiring and training of employees

2. Saving time in the recruitment and selection process

3. You get chance to focus on your core business

4. You get to choose from filtered list of candidates

5. Reduce Administrative burden of government liabilities

6. Support permanent staff during the peak time

How can we help?

We have a pool of talented and qualified personnel in all possible areas of work. All the people have been properly scanned and verified.

So, when you tie-up with us, we first understand your requirement and then send you filtered list of candidates, which are already short-listed by us. So that, you don’t waste your time in doing this. Once you further short-list them, we arrange for their interview and assist you in every step to fulfill your staff requirement.

One of the services that we offer is Employee leasing, where-in an organisation may transfer its existing employee to our rolls and then we depute that employee to serve your organisation only. This relieves you off the administrative burden of the employee, while continue getting them to work for you.

You may call us, in case of:

  • Short term of project based staff requirement
  • Seasonal staff requirement
  • Staff requirement at all levels - from entry level to senior level

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