Staff Training Seminar & Workshop

Staff Training Seminar & Workshop (Online/Offline)

As Jim Knight once said, “When teachers stop learning, so do students”.

This quotation beautifully captures the importance of continued learning for teachers. If someone is sincere about teaching profession, then learning must never stop. This is the essence of conducting training sessions for the teachers.

Once a student completes his/her education and starts teaching, it is very important to stay updated of the current happening in the world. Today, the world is changing at a very fast pace. So, the teaching methodology and the teachers also need to change with time.

And the best way to keep the teachers and other staff updated is conducting regular seminars and workshops. These seminars and workshops can be conducted in both online and offline ways.

How can we help?

We at Aarcons, aim at playing an important role in this exercise of ‘coaching the coach’. We aim at working in partnership with schools and colleges and support them by enhancing the intellectual and emotional quotient of their staff.

With the help of our team of highly-experienced teachers and teacher trainers, we conduct seminars and workshops offering training on a wide range of topics related to subject knowledge, teaching skills and methodology, culturally-based topics. We also conduct trainings and workshops on how to deal with students of today’s generation.

Some of the broad topics that we cover in teacher’s training are given below:

1. Making the classroom more interesting and interactive

2. Developing active learning and thinking skills among students.

3. Developing Higher order thinking Skills (HOTS) among the students

4. Developing and using Creativity in learning

5. Workshops for Understanding Children and their behaviour

6. Arranging college workshops for student in every field like computers, Management, Nursing, Technical, Pharmacy, Medical etc.,

7. Workshops for Effective Classroom Management

8. Workshops related to teaching specific subjects

9. Teacher Development Workshops

At this stage, we would like to clarify that this is just an indicative list. In case you have a training requirement, which does not appear to be covered here, please feel free to write to us and we are sure, we will have a training module ready for that.

All these training modules can be conducted in online and offline modes. For offline modes, our trainers can visit your campus, so that your regular teaching work is not disturbed.

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