Institutional Turnkey Project

What is meant by Turnkey Project?

Typically, when a person, starts a new business, there are 2 broad things to be done. The first is designing the project and the other is building that project. Now, a person can hire 2 separate people to do these jobs, or may hire one person to do the entire job. This is what is called a turnkey project.

A turnkey project is a very special mode of starting a new project. It is actually a contract, under which a firm undertakes the responsibility to design, build and equip a business or service facility and then hand over the keys to the purchaser when it is ready for operation.

What are the benefits of a turnkey project?

  • Reduced time for the design and construction process.
  • Cost benefit, as all the cost elements come under one service provider.
  • Since the designing and construction is done by same person, so there are no chances of any confusion.
  • Any changes to be done, while constructing it are easily managed, as the same person is handling both things.
  • Most suitable for low cost projects, which have a limited budget.
  • You don't have to interact with multiple people, as the entire work is done by one person. So, basically, you get 'peace of mind'.

Our Service basket includes:

  • Doing the site visits
  • Strategic Consulting for the project
  • Assistance in incorporating the company
  • Application for various licenses and permits
  • Helping in sourcing funds
  • Selecting and acquiring land for the project
  • Construction on the site
  • Procuring equipments
  • Setting up the production line
  • Searching Vendors
  • Recruiting, Selecting and training the staff

How can we help?

At Aarcons, we work 'hands-in-glove' with our clients to provide most reliable and efficient services while consulting, designing and executing the projects. We take comprehensive responsibility for end-to-end project, right from the stage of consulting to the final delivery of the project. We ensure a smooth execution and delivery, on time, every time.

Why work with us?

  • A team of experienced people from the industry, having complete know-how of every step in the delivery process.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach towards consultancy and execution.
  • We take all the responsibility, while you sit and relax.

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